Parish Ministries


Please consider strengthening your Faith Journey by volunteering your time and talents to one or more of the following Parish Ministries. 

Your own life and faith will be built up and infused with joy. 

Most importantly, you will be offering a great gift of your time, talents and Christ-like example to those you serve.


Administrative/Pastoral Ministries

Bulletin Stuffing: Join our team to help stuff bulletins after the 8:10 am Mass on Fridays when needed. Father announces the need at the Mass.  Contact: Joanne Vanness

Cemetery Board: Oversees all aspects of the cemetery, including budget process, financials, rates and grounds.  Contact: Jerry Akstulewicz-SJ  open-SM

Counters Club: Count and organize weekly collections on Sunday after the final Mass, and make the deposit.  Contact: Jack Drzewiecki-SJ  Jean Sell-SM

Finance Council: Overseeing the total financial management of the parish, meetings involve finance, budgets and personnel. Same as the Parish Council, parishioners are nominated and voted on at Mass.  Contact: Steve Siegel-SM/SJ

Office and Clerical: Answer phones, greet people, sell scrip, copying, stuff envelopes, attach labels, and miscellaneous items.  Contact: Kathleen Krause or Steve Siegel

Parish Pastoral Council: Working together to set the vision for the parish and act as advisors to the pastor. Parishioners are nominated and the names voted on at Mass. They meet 9 times a year, taking June, July, and August off.  Contact:  Joe Fahley-SM  open-SJ

Public Relations / Marketing: Create marketing material and promote all upcoming events, contact local advertising agencies, and distribute.  If you are a creative individual, this is the ministry for you.  Contact: Carol Van Marter

Website/Facebook: Help keep our website up-to-date and looking professional by joining this group. Edit content and come up with new and exciting ways to display what SM/SJ has to offer via the web or Facebook! Contact: Steve Siegel, Joanne Vanness or Ann Hoernke

Building and Grounds

Church Decorating: Help decorate the church for special liturgies and/or liturgical seasons. Contact: Jean Sell-SM  Janet Jakubek-SJ

Gardeners Group-Spring & Fall Clean Up:
Trim bushes, rake, plant flowers, clean up litter, and many other areas to help the parish grounds look neat and tidy. Contact: Steve Siegel & Bruce Nufer

Painting: Help make your church and school look like new by adding a fresh coat of paint.  No need to be a professional. All you need a willingness to help. Contact: Steve Siegel & Bruce Nufer

Parish/Church Cleaning: Help keep our churches looking beautiful. It includes jobs such as vacuuming, washing windows, dusting and more.  Contact:  Kathleen Krause

Snow Removal: Help during the winter to shovel and snow blow the sidewalks and  entry ways of the church and school. Contact: Steve Siegel   

Workshop/Handy Person: If you are a handy person that is good with wood working, electrical, plumbing, or general maintenance, we will gladly accept your talents. Contact: Steve Siegel & Bruce Nufer

Faith Formation (FF)

Adult Faith Formation:  This faith study group meets on a periodic basis to view and discuss various Catholic DVDs/Books.  There is also an opportunity to meet every Wednesday evening during Faith Formation. Contact: Gladys Hansen or Judy Dvorak

Catechist (Grades 1-11 and Confirmation):  What a great way to share your faith with the future of our great parish!  Classes run from September through April. Lesson plans provided. Contact Sally Michalkiewicz or Joanne Vanness

Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Need a team of people to assist children K-2 to learn about God at their level during the Readings and Gospel at the 9:00 am at St. John the Baptist or 10:30 am at St. Mary on Sundays. Contact: Joanne Vanness

Classroom Aide: If you don’t feel comfortable “teaching” a class but would love to help, come join us on Wednesday evenings as an aide.  We all have gifts that can help our children carry on the faith. Contact:  Sally Michalkiewicz or Joanne Vanness

Feed Your Body: Be part of a team to help organize, purchase, prepare meals, serve meals and clean-up for families of Faith Formation students on Wednesday evenings serving from 4:45-5:50 pm. Contact: Sally Michalkiewicz or Russ Brumm

Feed Your Soul: Spend some quiet time with the Lord on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm during Faith Formation classes for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Contact: Sally Michalkiewicz or Joanne Vanness

Office and Clerical: Sell Scrip and answer phone calls during Faith Formation. Contact: Sally Michalkiewicz  or Joanne Vanness

RCIA Leader: Prepare the catechumens and candidates to receive the sacraments at the Easter Vigil as they become a member of the Catholic Church.  You can also volunteer as a sponsor. Contact:  Joanne Vanness

Vacation Bible School: Totus Tuus through Spiritus at Mount Tabor is a weeklong “parish mission” for Catholic youth in grades 1-12. It is dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith. (Coordinator needed) Contact: Sally Michalkiewicz

Youth Group (Grades 6-12):  Empower our youth to embrace and nurture their Catholic Faith and evangelize others. Plan and hold events for our youth.
Contact: Brianna Trifiletti & Russ Brum


Creating Crafts/Sewing: Work with fellow parishioners to make many varied crafts for our parish fundraising events.  You are also welcome to make jams, jellies, candy, cookies and soup. Contact: Mary Gyrion-SM Nancy Dietz-SJ

Prayer Shawls: Workers pray while making knitted and crocheted shawls to be given as a gift of comfort, hope and peace. Yarn is donated by the knitter or available through the parish.   Contact: Mary Gyrion

Quilters: This group meets weekly to work on quilts either to be given away, raffled at our parish events, or other deserving causes.  Contact: Barb Kemps-SM  Nancy Dietz-SJ

Rosaries: Make rosaries for fellow parishioners with your parish family members. Contact: Monica Sumnicht

Sewing Ministry: Help mend any of the priest’s vestments or altar linens.  Contact: Mary Gyrion-SM  Jan Harrmann-SJ

 Social Justice/Service Organizations

Greeting Card Group: Make greeting cards for parishioners who are sick, had a recent death in the family, birthday, or just to stay in touch. Meet monthly.  Contact: Jan Kargus-SM  Janet Jakubek-SJ

 Men’s Group: Share your Catholic faith with other men in your parish family. The group meets every Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Contact: Tom Kemp

Our Lady of Grace – Women’s Group: Share your Catholic faith with other ladies in your parish family.  The group meets the second Mondays of the month at 6:30 pm. Contact: Deb Mortimer

Prep/Serve Meals at the Emergency Shelter: When there is a fifth Sunday in a month – we are there! The food is provided but we prepare, cook, serve and clean up. Come be the hands of Christ to those in need. Contact: Russ Brumm

Respect Life Committee: Responsible for raising awareness in all areas relating to the dignity of life, from conception to natural death. Come help us create a culture of LIFE!  Contact: Jeanne Griffith-SM  Wendy Fischer-SJ

St. Vincent de Paul/Food Pantry:
This group of men and women serve those in need for the love of God.  Meetings are held the first Tuesday every month at 8:00 am. Contact: CoCo O’Brien

Third Order of St. Francis: Meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month with Mass and a social gathering afterwards at Mt. Tabor.  They commit themselves to walking in the footsteps of  St. Francis of Assisi, following his example of love, simplicity, peacemaking, works of mercy, helping the poor, prayers, kindness, poverty and chastity. Contact: Jean Marie Mueller

Warming Shelter: Prepare/serve food for   designated days at the Appleton Warming Shelter. You won’t regret helping a person in need. Contact: Barb Unruh

Sign-up for Warming Shelter Meals Here

  Parish Family Life

Catholics in Action (CIA): [35-50 year olds] Is an adult group that organizes events to promote community and raise funds for our parishes and for charity.  Contact: Liesl Britzke

Child Care for Meetings/Events: (NEW) Watch any parishioner’s children while they are attending a meeting or a parish event. Contact: Steve Siegel 

Family Events: (NEW) Coordinate, setup, assist and work events focused around building family community and fellowship (ie-Movie Night) Contact: Joanne Vanness

Fellowship Gatherings: Help set-up, serve and clean-up at the doughnut, coffee or pizza gatherings after the MassesWe welcome ideas to bring parishioners together.  Contact: Joanne Vanness

Legion of Mary: Doing weekly apostolic service and developing a personal relationship with Christ through Mary. Contact: Jean Marie Mueller

Stewardship Committee: (NEW) Work with all the ministry groups to help them with their needs, provide encouragement, and to bring a sense of belonging and fellowship to the entire parish.  Contact: Joanne Vanness

Young Adult Group: 20-40 year olds looking to share their faith and experiences with those of the same age group.  Both single and married are welcome. Contact: Joanne Vanness

Welcoming Committee: This group welcomes our new parishioners in many ways. Contact: Joanne Vanness

St. Mary Elementary School

Classroom Help: Assist teacher in their classrooms with various tasks.

Lunch Assistant: From 11:10 am to 12:00 (noon) to help serve food to students and assist them in the lunchroom.

Classroom Help: Assist teacher in their classrooms with various tasks.

Office Help: Assist the school office by answering phones and other office duties.

Recess Duty Help: Help monitor students playground activities during recess. For all above Contact: Jeanine Leege, Principal

 Parish FUNraiser/Event

For most of the item in this section the following are needed:

Cashier: Help with all of the clerical aspects of the parish event like organizing receipts, tracking sales, and various other clerical items.

Cooks/Bakers: Prep, cook and bake food for the event, maybe even use one of your recipes or creative idea for an event.

 Set Up/Clean Up: Anything from table setting, to dishwashing, food prep, and more to help prepare or cleanup for the event.

Games/Raffles: Set up, take down and/or manage your particular game or raffle.

Concessions/Refreshments: Prepare, serve, collect monies during the event

Committee Chair Persons: Help to organize, promote and execute all the FUNraisers.  New ideas are always welcome.  Contact: Steve Siegel

Community Thanksgiving Dinner: Our community dinner held the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving and is open to everyone. Contact: Dcn Rick Dvorak

Jolly Holly Holiday Craft & Cookies Sale Funraiser held at the beginning of November featuring Homemade Crafts, Candy, Bakery, Jams, Jellies, Canned Veggies and Soup.  Contact: Mary Gyrion

Pasta Dinner & Cash Raffle: Funraiser held in spring.  Only 750 raffle tickets are sold. Ticket can be split four ways and admits four to Pasta Dinner. Contact: Steve Siegel                

Rummage Sales: Sort, price and organize every Tuesday morning or work during one of the largest rummage sales in the area. Donations are always welcome if you cannot lend a helping hand.  Contact:  Barb Godeck & Carol Quinn

SCRIP Committee:  Promote and develop the SCRIP program creatively to get parishioners  involved with it and help plan the SCRIPNIC.

SCRIPNIC (Picnic): Church picnic held in July to celebrate our SCRIP sales for the year. Contact: Steve Siegel

Pastoral Care

Baptismal Preparation: Prepare a family for the sacrament of Baptism. Second Tuesday of the Month. Contact: Dcn Rick Dvorak

Care Ministry: Provides regular social visits, prayer shawls and/or brings Eucharist to our homebound, nursing home or hospitalized parishioners. Contact: Dcn Rick Dvorak-SM   Carol Ropella-SJ

Marriage Prep (FOCCUS Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study): as a “FOCCUS” couple, you will help prepare engaged couples for the days and years beyond “the big day.” Training is provided through the diocese. Won’t you put your “years of experience” to good use? Contact: Dcn Don Schultz

Prayer Chain: We believe in the power of prayer.  Be a part of this prayer network and give someone in need the best gift you can… the gift of prayer.  Contact: See the bulletin for names and phone numbers

Widows of Prayer: Support Prayer Group, focusing their prayers for the intention of Priests and for those in need.  Contact: Alice Peeters

Worship and Liturgy

Altar Servers: Assist the priest during liturgy. Anyone 4th grade or older is welcome to serve in this ministry. Parent/child teams are great! Contact: Dcn Don Schultz-SM Gery Farrell-SJ

Choir & Musicians: If you love to sing or play an instrument then the music ministry is for you.  We have several groups with which to sing/play, including, Adult Choir, Cantor, Funeral Choir, Youth Choir (grades 2-8). Contact: Peter Krautkramer

Eucharistic Ministers: Assists the priest in administering the sacraments of holy communion, the consecrated bread and wine. They may also take the sacraments to those who are ill, or otherwise unable to attend Mass. Contact: Ann Hoernke-SM  Maribeth Knutson-SJ

Greeting & Welcoming: This ministry is for everyone from singles to families! Share a smile with your fellow parishioners and visitors as they come to celebrate the Mass. Must be available at least 20 minutes before Mass. Contact: Joanne Vanness

Funeral Help: Come and support your parish families in their time of sorrow.  Please consider helping in one of the following areas   Altar Servers: To serve during the Mass of Christian burial.  Dinner Servers: Assist with set-up, serving and clean-up at funeral lunch in the parish hall.  You can volunteer when available.  The time commitment of  a typical funeral is 2 1/2 hours.  Contact: Kathleen Krause

Lectors: Proclaim the Word of God at Mass or other services. Contact: Ann Hoernke-SM  Sandy Mac Donald-SJ

Rosary Leader: You can be a member of the team that leads the rosary before a weekday or one of the weekend Masses.  Contact: Joanne Vanness

Sacristan: Set up liturgical needs for weekend and weekday Masses. Training provided. Contact: Mary Gyrion-SM  Jan Harrmann or Betty Schmidt-SJ

Ushers: Greet, help people find seats, take collections, hand out bulletins, etc. Must be available at least 20 minutes before Mass begins. Contact: Ken Danielson-SM  Gery Farrell-SJ